Divorce Help

divorce help
divorce help !!!!!!!!!!!!!?

okay my parents are getting a divorce, and i dont like my mom. im a girl, and almost 15, ill be 15 in april 2010. what age do you get to pick who you want to live with. i thought it was 14 but the internet said 12 to be listened to, 15 to pick , and how much is child support if my dad has to pay my mom, with me being 15 and my sister who is 20.

The judge decides where you go….You only get to say where you want to go…..ITS NORMAL AT YOUR AGE TO HATE YOUR MOM AND LOVE YOUR DAD….By the age of 18 your love and hate will switch and then hate your dad. Its strange but true….

Dad pays for you till 18 unless you are handicapped…..Dad pays nothing for anyone over 18 at time of divorce or until she remarrys and the new hubby adopts the kids legally