Divorce Help For Women

divorce help for women
Does anyone think that it’s wrong to “Take him for everything he has” during a divorce?

I’ve noticed a lot of people in divorces, women especially, just rape their husbands with alimony, child support, everything they can get, leaving the man with just a cardboard box of torn photographs and 2,000 buck a month to hand over to woman who doesn’t love him anymore. Does anyone else think this is wrong? I mean, yeah, he needs to help with the kids, but, geez, the divorcee has to live to!
Also, I’m not the one getting divorced. My father in law is. and she’s trying to screw him/.

Wrong, and immoral. Women like this give everyone else a BAD name! BTW, since joint physical custody is the new norm, it’s also the end to child support, which is also a good thing. If you share the child, half the time, then you just each pay for your time, and split expenses. That’s the ideal. Anything else is greedy, silly, and destructive to gender equality, IMO.

And, to anyone who disagrees, I have only this to say: 😛