Divorce Forms

divorce forms
Divorce forms??

I wanna file for divorce. It will be no problem divorce, we both agree, not gonna fight about anything. So I don’t wanna spend too much money on it. I heard there’s website where you can download the forms (possibly even submit them) no lawyer needed. Somebody knows about it??
what is that website??

yes, I’ve done it!!! you can get them in any office max or office deport!!! for your State..? then you can see them right there…the sales pp where very helpful…I could open the package and see first if I could handle these forms. Its cheap…..20-30 dollars…then go home and type them out…..make several copies…have your husband sign it…notarize them in a Bank( its free)…then go to court and file them, pay the filing fee…every State is different…don’t ask the clerk of court any questions…sometimes they pretty rude!

then you gotta wait for a court date..3-4 month…check the court docket…and thats it!!!