Divorce Foreign Marriage Certificate

divorce foreign marriage certificate
Indian court jurisdication

This is follow up to my earlier question. I have married Indian Citizen in US and now she has gone back to india and filed for divorce. My question is If the marriage was registered in US and I have obtained US marriage certificate and have not registered with any Indian official. How can Indian courts have jurisdiction under Foreign Marriage Act or Special Marriage Act?

In my reply to your last question I told you unless your Foreign marriage solemnized in USA was not registered in USA or any foreign country under the Foreign Marriage Act,1969 or under the Special Marriage Act,1954 in India then your wife cannot file for divorce in Indian court in either of the Act as the case maybe. If she has done this, then you should challenge the jurisdiction of the Indian court to hear this divorce petition as this marriage between both of you has neither been solemnized nor registered under any of the said Acts. Don’t think by asking question in here you can get this issue settled as the District Judge before whom your divorce petition is not answering the questions in Yahoo answers & even if he is he won’t do at least in this case. I advice you to engage a lawyer to represent you & challenge the Indian court jurisdiction, get this Petition dismissed on this issue itself immediately.