Divorce Dates

divorce dates
How do I get a FREE online divorce date?

I’m trying to get government student aid and for some stupid @ss reason they want to know what day I was divorced on.So I have looked but everyone wants to charge me for public info.I know I should probably know this date but it was years ago and I put it out of my mind.So there’s got to be a .org or .gov I can go to without paying 19.95 where is it?

Gerald I don’t know where you live but in most counties in California people can log on to that county’s Superior Court website for free. Try going online and locate your county’s Superior Court where your divorce was filed in your state. There should be an icon for “Civil Cases” and one for “Criminal Cases”. For divorce history select “Civil Cases”. It should then ask you to enter the party’s last and first name. Look for yours and click on it. It should then have your case history. There should be no cost for inquiries. Good luck.