Divorce Children

divorce children
“Marriage is an institution” – children & divorce (ESSAY TOPIC)?

I’m writing an essay for highschool on how marriage as an institution has weakened. I’m currently writing the section of the essay on divorce and I wrote something on how it affects children in a bad way (divorces, I mean) Would it be out of topic? I’m afraid that specifying the negative affects of divorce would make it seem as if I’m writig about the bad affects of divorce rather than marriage in general, how divorce devalues it.

Can you think of any possible way to relate how children are negativel affected by it, to the thesis: Marriage as an institution has been weakened

The rising occurrence of divorce shows that the institution of marriage has weakened and the sanctity of marriage is not being taken very seriously anymore. This growing trend also shows that all too often, people rush into such a union, knowing that they are not ready for such a commitment, only to end up divorced a short time later. Often, the very same people acknowledge that they are not ready but bank on the possibility of divorce to reverse their action if the marriage does not work out. If children happen to be a product of said broken union, then they would obviously have suffered a preventable trauma in their lives.