Divorce Cases

divorce cases
Does the Bible allow for divorce in the cases of emotional or physical abuse? ?

Please quote Scripture to support your answer, if you can.

The main reason given for divorce in the bible is in the case of spousal unfaithfulness. In the case of abuse, we must also consider that our bodies and minds are the temple of God. One shouldn’t remain in an abusive home if they can help it. Physical, mental or emotional abuse in any marriage is unacceptable to God.

No one should ever stay in an abusive situation. If the offending spouse was a believer at one time, they have become an unbeliever because of their behavior. If the offender is not willing to seek counseling and make a sincere, concerted effort to change their habits and the situation at home, the offended spouse should not remain in this type of environment where they will be abused.

1 Cor. 13.
Ephesians 5:25

This is a very delicate subject.