Divorce And The Children

divorce and the children
Friend is custodial parent but her ex is keeping 2 of their 4 children illegally in FL. How is he doing this?

Their divorce was final in June, she was granted full custody, and he still has the 2 oldest children (ages 17, 15). She moved out of state (Judge granted that) and the day she was to move, the 2 oldest jumped out of the car to meet their dad, something the dad concocted. How is he getting away w/ this? He also doesn’t pay alimony/child support, and she wants all 4 children to be together. Anyone have ideas? Been thru a similar ordeal? Know Florida divorce/child support laws?

I think after a certain age the child can choose who they live with, I would say there wont be much she can do about the 17 yr old, when they turn 18 they will leave if that is really what they want. But if she wants to try she neds to contact the police and friend of the court, and tell friend of the court about the child support, and him taking the kids. She will probably have to sue him for the alimony when he gets behind enough and if he doesnt pay at least they will take his state taxes.