Divorce And Remarriage

divorce and remarriage
To all of you who have been there, how does divorce and remarriage affect kids/teens?

I would like to hear from those of you who went through it, whether you are parents or children of divorced/remarried parents. and at the end, was it worth it? Thanks!

My parents divorced – it did not lead to a better life. My dad was pretty much “lost” without my mom. His next marriage was a complete disaster. He missed my mom very much. What did he end up doing years after their divorce?! – ended his life!!!! My mom had gotten re-married – her marriage has been complete chaos. All of us kids suffered so much. I always think what could’ve been had my parents stayed together – I also know they both had wondered the same thing. Life isn’t a fairy tale. Often when parents divorce the kids grow up & tend not to respect marriage, because they saw by example their own parents not stand by – “for better or worse til DEATH do you part”. It is statistically proven that kids endure more mental chaos coming from a broken home. I try my hardest to keep families untied.

For the married couples – I have known many couples who have gotten divorced, re-married & have regretted it. I also know many couples who realized the grass wasn’t greener & the relationships weren’t better & got back with their original spouses – even when re-marriages to other people had occurred. IT HAPPENS! I love to hear stories of restored families – I heard one couple got back together after 27 miserable years apart. We often take for granted our daily lives with our spouses. In a busy world we must stay connected & remember the spark & love that once was there – a love that was deep enough to make a life-long vow to. Divorce is not a way out – it brings on nothing but more problems – especially for the kids & for sure when step parents/siblings get entered in. It’s almost become normal to divorce – when years ago divorce was barley heard of. I pray more families stay together & make good examples for the children & other young married couples. When we part from our spouse we only trade one set of problems for another.