Divorce After Short Marriage

divorce after short marriage
Would it be hard for someone to get a Green Card and/or US Citizenship after divorce?

My cousin was married to a man from another country who suddenly became abusive after he got his Temporary Green Card while married to her.
After that she realized she had probably been used for the Card, and she divorced him. She reported the situation to the Immigration hotline.
Since the marriage was relatively short, and she reported him, how easy is it for him to get a Permanent Green Card and Citizenship now?
Would the divorce and him being reported prevent him from doing so?

Since he has his conditional green card, he can legally stay here until his 2 yrs are up. At that time he will need to reapply for his unconditional green care (10yr). Part of this process is also being able to show you are still in a stable relationship with your spouse. The Immigration office does sometimes go ahead and approve an unconditional green card even if the marriage has dissolved. However it is usually women who can prove domestic abuse by their husband. I have never heard of a man who did the abusing being successful in a self petition for the 10 yr green card. Strange things do happen, but I would think it would be unlikely.