Divorce Advice For Women

divorce advice for women
Newly divorced mom needs advice from divorced couples men and women here my background?

Been divorced 1 yr married for 8 yrs with 6 yr old son.Bitter divorce found out ex was cheating with old gf and left me for her.Things are better now i’m still resentful but try to be nice for my son and ex does the same. here’s my question what do you and your ex do as far as parent/teacher conferences go? Go together or at different times? What about birthday parties or halloween do you and your ex do joint parties or does he do his own thing?My ex lives in the same town as us and i would say we have an “average divorce” meaning we don’t want to kill each other but i’m still resentful for what he did to me and he wants as little contact with me as possible.I think we should do some of these things together but i know my ex will not.He is a great dad and i know he will do all this things on his own.So please just let me know how you all handle this issues. Oh yes he is no longer with the gf he left me for but a new one who i do not get along with so this is half the problem.

Time to move on kiddo. Let the anger go and just concentrate on your childs best interests. You will both be better off for it. Every day, it will get better and easier, always does. Personally, I rarely did much with my ex although it never would have bothered me to do so. She had issues with being anywhere near me. I always did my best to keep the kids first on my list for normalcy in their daily lives. It paid off in that they are pretty well adjusted now and seem to be generally happy. Just go with the tone of the moment, do what feels right to you.