Divorce 101

divorce 101
“Relationships 101” – for married folks, please.?

Let’s say you had to complete a series of courses before you could be issued a marriage license, and that divorce would cost you a fine and some community service.

What might be some of the lecture topics in your “Relationships 101” class?

How about “Compromise – the art of problem solving.”

More ideas?
WOW! 6 minutes into posting and look at all the great answers. I may ask some of the participants to write further and post their stuff on my blog page!
Keep it up! More!

Communication — being clear and honest without being hurtful

Honesty — the building block of trust

Temptation — bird in the hand versus bird in the bush

Money — it really is the root of all evil!

Grief — how to survive loss as a strong couple

Sharing — it’s not just about toothbrushes and housework!

“Old Habits Die Hard” — how to know when to compromise