Region code error message?

I gave my brother a DVD (Buzz Light year of Star Command: The Adventure Begins). I guess it's from another country, Right? The general classification is "universal" fit to be seen by people in the film censorship office. And written in color with a u. And the site is www.disneydvds.co.uk. How will you watch this movie?

DVDs are encoded regions. North America is Region 1, while Europe (including UK) State 2 is the most DVD players sold in the U.S. only play Region 1 DVD of something to do with copyright, marketing and the stupidity of others unresponsive to go here. You have, however, another problem that video standards between the U.S. and Europe are also different. So even if you could play a DVD player, DVD Region 2, which your TV can not see the picture anyway. It is possible that a DVD player region-free that can play Region 2 DVD (or region) receive and can also handle can convert different video standard in television, but honestly, would be only cheaper if you bought the U.S. version DVD.