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Disney Movie Club! Help?

Okay. sotoday i went to sign up for the disney movie club… i picked five movies for a dollar. and i know i have to but more later. but i didnt notice that one of the movies was on there twice in the extra space! and i clicked done on accident. So its gonna be an extra 11 dollars for the 6th movie that im already getting for a dollar! what can i do to stop this?? can i call them so it wont be shipped??? help please

Get ahold of Customer Service and let them know. They should have no problem in changing your order UNLESS it’s already been shipped out. If that is the case then DO NOT open that movie and simply send it back.

But like I said talk to Customer Service. I too am a Movie Club member and I prefer their prices to the ones in the stores.
When you start getting your movies, there will be a sheet ( much like a statement) which will tell you which ‘feature movie’ will be headed your way unless you choose a different movie as a replacement by the posted deadline.