Disney Beauty And Beast

disney beauty and beast
What kind of hybrid / what animals was the Beast in the disney animated film BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (1991)?

The beast was very big. Had a head like a lion, legs and a tail like a dog, fangs like a wild boar, and horns like a cow or whatnot. What kind of animal mix was he? How did they make Robby Benson’s voice sound rough, monotone, and creepy like an monster from outerspace?

I believe (by looking at the pictures of the Beast) that he is part Wolf, Bear, Bull, and of course Human. Possibly a form of Chimera.

His legs and tail (although his feet are catlike) seem to have the look and properties of a wolf (it would also explain the fangs). Compare pictures…



The head resembles a Bull (the horns and shape of the head)


The fur and body shape (strength) or a bear.

I do not know how they made his voice like that, but they could have used the computers to slightly alter his voice. I hope this helps.