Death Life After

Why is belief in life after death important to muslims?

Homework need a decent answer cheers.
also- How do we know belief in life after death is important to muslims?

Because I’m a Muslim, And i’m telling you.

I like to think that our life is an exam. The trials we face are the ‘hard questions’ and
we answer the questions correctly through persevance and inabah (returning to god).
As we answer questions correctly we get ‘points’ which we know as deeds. On the day
of Judgement we will be given the results of our test, and our ending is either Hell or
Heaven depending if we pass our exams.

Life after Death is important because we believe that we are ghurabaa (strangers) on
this earth.
This earth is just a means of getting to Paradise.

We believe that the after life is eternal and this life is like a mirage. Therefore we strive
for the afterlife.

It is important because it is our end, OUR FINAL DESTINATION.