Death Is Life

Why do authors use binary ideas, contrast in literture? Death/Life…. Beauty/Ugly?

What is the purpose of doing this? I’ve noticed this is many books. What does this do for us? Psychologically?

Also, why were woman objectified back then? Imagery.

You could argue that our world, our lives, lends itself to organization according to poles. Life and death. Day and night. Man and woman. Light and darkness. Good and evil. Love and hate. Opposites are also fascinating in their ambiguity – how do we decide if something is good, evil, or both? Can something be ugly and also beautiful? There’s nothing particularly compelling about moderation, even though it’s good for us.

Why were women objectified back when and what kind of imagery? For a long period of history (and today, in some cultures), women are considered property – useful only for the money, land, or children that they can bring to a marriage. You’ll need to be more specific about the time period and society to which you’re referring.