Death Is A Part Of Life

Death is a part of life, we will all die, we all know we will die,?

there’s no getting around it, our friends die, we expect it and know it’s going to happen, same with all our families. So why then, do we cry our eyes out, and are devastated when it does happen. Think about it, when there is a death, everybody carries on like nobody ever died before. Some people are unconsolable. We will spend big bucks for a fancy box that will be seen for about a day or so, then buried in a hole never to be seen again. People from all over will watch the box be lowered in the grave. But before that, at the funeral services, friends and/or family will get in front of everybody and say what a great person the deceased was when in fact everybody knew it’s a lie.
This is being asked in respect. So, I don’t want to hear any sniveling about it.

Its very true what you say. Personally i been to 4 family funerals so far. I cry because i will miss them But i don’t sit around crying cuz it wont bring them back. I know death is apart of life and i accept that. I don’t like funerals though because like you said people lie about what they say. And everyone stands around talking and laughing just so they can say they went. I My grandpa died and these people that we knew but they never met him or knew him the woman cried and talked about how good he was. It made me mad cuz she didn’t know him and just came to show her face. Personally when i die i don’t care for a 5,000 cofin i will decay in and i only want the people who knew me if i have to make a list i will lol. Because i don’t like fake people. And i don’t want a fuss made over it and tears cuz it won’t bring me back or anyone else so why waste them. And sometimes people cry because of guilt. I only cried over a man i called grandpa even though he was not blood related but he was to me. Now my real grandpa i cried once because i never got to forgive him for what he done. There is a billions reasons why people do stuff. And people need to face that death is apart of life and one day my husband will die and it will be hard cuz of course its someone i love dearly but ill be happy with the time i had.