Death As A Way Of Life

Is there really such a thing as life and death?

I watch the food chain and somehow conclude that it is not. A single cycle of energy and matter is constantly changing shape and recycled. I know, I know, people die, animals die, but are they really die, or is manefestation atoms and molecules that collapses to join the forces of nature and ultimately materialize into something else? Of course, there are complexities Indian humanity, emotion, memory, thought, but it means that other forms of life are, without feeling. Is it because they can not exchange words? Because you can not link a certain way, or simply choose not to? How do we really know? How can we test this hypothesis? We can not. It reminds me of the poem "Leaves of Grass" by Walt Whitman. Is this the ultimate goal of achieving there are a lot of meat and bone meal, or in the soil and seeds, but the energy is everything?

You're absolutely right …. star born dust and to dust out …. but not this sad reality …. rejoice that you know its true nature and order of things.