Death And The Meaning Of Life

What Really is the meaning of life? What is the meaning of death?

Like, do you believe we live for a higher being, e.g. God, Allah.
Or do you think we just live? And why do we jsut live?

What Happens when we die?

Because I just had this thought today I will throw it out. It will probably not make sense but this gives me the opportunity to get this idea out of my head (also I like the combination-life-death in the question, its all part of the loop). 1) The meaning of life/death is all part of an Escher type loop of form and content (Hofstadter, 1979:Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid). In its simplest form it is a loop that loops back upon itself (this equals another loop). This is the kind of loop reflected in quantum mechanics. There is form here (an equation) but there is also content (the product of the scientific method, an external world and observation) .

2) Loop # 1 now loops back upon itself; loop squared, so to speak. Supported by the original loop, this new loop becomes the content of life and death while being at the same time the form of this ongoing Escher loop. This new loop, loop # 2, once again, loops back upon itself.

3) In loop #3 the meaning of meaning of life now becomes identified as a more highly developed product of mental evolution, or that which we take to be human consciousness. More specifically, human consciousness becomes, first, a “mental given” but along with the “mental given” also comes conscious reflection or reflection upon the content of consciousness. From the “mental given” the meaning of meaning evolves into the objective world which we symbolically incorporate into the symbolic meaning (the content) of a priori principles, culture–myth, religion, language, art, history and science, (W)hile, at the same time, being a continuation of the Escher loop that started this whole affair, or the loop that loops back upon itself to begin the whole process of evolution. This loop, for me, goes by the name of God.