Death And Life Is In The Power Of The Tongue

Have you confessed your sin to God recently?

Do you know what sin is? The God of the Bible tells of different levels of sin….there are tresspasses, iniquities known and unknown (sins of commission and ommission), these separate us from God and his fellowship/blessings. WE WERE BORN INTO SIN, and we cannot escape the curse of death by our selves..BUT, there is a way out, and up into heaven, with a perfect loving GOD. What sin blocks God’s love from you right now? Could it be the ONLY act of your heart and will that prevents ALL MEN and WOMEN from entering eternal life with Him, that is, the sin of NOT believing in the ONLY way God made to restore US to HIM, that is NOT believing on His Son, Jesus Christ, the Messiah, who paid for ALL sins for all men for all time, past, present, future? God says the blood of His son satisfied His own wrath against a rebellious creation….and the power of life and death are in the tongue….Confess your agreement in Jesus work done on your behalf here and now, and be reconciled to Him….

but once you have confessed your sins. dont stop there now it is time to repent and turn away. the Bible teaches that those who have already excepted Christ into our lives are now saved. we dont need to ask him to forgive us anymore. we are already forgiven. now we are to live according to the Word of God. not judge anyone. not be ashamed, go to church, read Bible everyday, pray everyday. and so many more. and not be of the world.