Dead Like Me Life After Death

Are religions just a way of fooling yourself that there is life after death?

Surely death is difficult to accept and to deal with and comprehend. But it is inevitable; I can’t help feeling that the basic purpose of all religions is to make people accept death when it comes. No one has ever returned from being really dead to reveal what ‘ life ‘ is like on the other side, so its doubtful if there is another side.What do you think?

Actually the religions I know of, Islam and Christianity know VERY little about life after death, which is why they can promise what they can’t and don’t deliver on. Spiritualists know a great deal, and if you are really interested, read some of these books. They are from dead folks, the only one’s who know, and the very same one’s religious folks like to claim are all devils. Yeah.

I see you don’t think anyone has “returned”. Well you might be surprised if you read all those books, I think you could change your mind. They are not identical, just as you would not expect two people to describe their Earth life identically, but once you have read a few, you will see the patterns.

As for scientific research into evidence that life continues, you can read 20 cases suggestive of reincarnation. It does not in my view prove reincarnation, but it sure opens up a really big question: Where do all those memories come from, especially in case no 2, where the “new” personality was experienced for quite some time.