Dead Like Me Life After Death Movie

All Dead Like Me fans out there?

I liked Dead Like Me and was very sad when they canceled after season 2 but the end is pretty decent. Anyway, I read recently that, after more than four and a half years after the cancellation of his latest comeback with the film Life after death! How great is that !!!??? If the movie is a success, then their will be another! I can not wait! Things have changed but little. Ellen Muth returns as George, Callum Blue is back as Mason, Jasmine Guy as Roxy is back, but Mandy Patinkin and Laura Harris disappeared and were re-elected as Rube and Daisy. But at least Ellen, Callum and Jasmine are back! You do not know if parents and sister of George will or may be played if they are, I suppose, ll just wait and see! What do others think? Thank you, Lisa Michelle xx lol xx

I liked Dead Like Me. So, be smart and fun! My name is Laura and Mandy is not in the movie, however, they were the best, but Desmond in Lost is there this time, is impressive.