Dead Like Me Life After Death 2009

The dreams of my dead brother please help?

In August 2009, I and my brother got in an accident working capital was expelled a kind of death left the accident without a scratch, looked me dead layin it stuck with me were so close they were best friends two nights after the accident fell asleep a dream I had one as a baby, nobody had seen, but I was told me he loves me then the dream ended soon. Its over a year now, but I sleep much on it began as a dream in which they laughed in my dream I knew he was dead I felt strange, he said he was not dead. Then I started having dreams that seemed to slow as a vegetable that does not really talk and find it strange that sleep is between life and death, but what these dreams might mean? I was so stressed that I miss my brother so please help me understand

I had dreams of my ex boyfriend and it's like are real, the latter had, however, seemed so at peace, but we were in a house literally falling our around. I still love it too. The next time you sleep with your brother and you're talking to him, maybe you should tell him to go in peace. I do not know, I mean I, I really do not understand the dreams and I did not. I'm not a psychic or anything, but maybe you should tell your brother that you love, but God needs now and go in peace. I had dreams of my ex have been so comforting and so real and alive, and I still love her very much, but maybe an ex is different from that of a brother. Still I love my ex, but it's a bit difficult to enter into a relationship with a man when I'm still living with him in my dreams, I know what I mean. I still love my ex, but I heard of this place called Pergatory and do not know if it's true or not but I know my dreams were real! And there is no doubt that this was I connect with him! However, I found this place called Pergatory where spirits are trapped between the earth and the spirit world and understood that life was going to count the dead in peace and be one with God, going toward the light, which does not bind the Pergatory more. I do not know if is correct or not, but that's what I did. I know that Adam made me very happy when he was alive and were best friends, we together, went to bed together, but you know he's dead. I loved him very much and I can only hope that he loved me enough to I am happy and move on and find a new partner and start a family. But, you know, is not fair, not fair when someone is taken from us prematurly! And for me, the answer to why you can not respond and his father's funeral, said, quote, "It is in a better place "I'm so mad I could not believe he said about his 28 year old son! Who took a lifetime to come! This means that their children know, but apparently that is not what was supposed to be. Just have faith and try to be as happy as I am sure if he was death instead of his brother, he, like his life and live fully and be happy. Obviously I was not able to strip Children of Adam, but I have no children and a family now and I called my son after him. Adam was a good father, I do not know what happened, but I have faith for me that God had other plans for him. I really do not think it hurts the death of the person who dies, I think it's a version for them, I think the possibility of going to a very peacful, beautiful place, but euphoric, however, hurt those of us who loved them. I think when we visit in our dreams, they are trying to say is correct, I can be at peace now, I am the son of God and I am completely reassured in peace, but you must let me go. I still think Adam all the time in the days hot and sunny in cold winter days I remember shaking under the covers when my son peed on my daughter, I remembered the story I told him to urinate brother on the head when they were kids swimming, I will never forget and I always love, but I had to let go, you know what I mean? It's hard! I cry as I write this I will always love him and his spirit lives in the things around me, I like to think maybe he is my guardian angel. Try to remember the good times we had with him and have faith that it is in a very quiet life and living fully and remember how precious it is. Live your life, not only for himself but for his brother and because remember they are and what the blood that is a piece of him will always live through you.