Daily Life During The Black Death

The Plague (The Black Death) during Elizabethan Era?

Can any one give me some information about the plague/black death during the elizabethan Era? Such as how many people died, how were daily lives of people affected. Also, is there a site where I can find good pictures of the plague? I tried to find some on google but ti didn’t help…i need pictures that I can write information under or details about the picture for my presentation.

The Black Death or Bubonic plague was horrendous, finding illustrations is difficult. Most are engravings but don’t show the victims rather the dead being carried off.

This site has a picture of a Doctor the cone on the front of his face would contain sweet smelling flowers as the Elizabethans thought the illness was spread by the smell or Miasma.

http://www.william-shakespeare.info/bubonic-black-plague-elizabethan-era.htm Is good about the plague in Elizabethan times.

This site is from an earlier period but has some Illustrations. Just explain that the dress of the people had changed a little. (Actually it wouldn’t be much different for the poor.)