Coming Back To Life After Death

Has anybody (for real please) had a ‘life after death’ experience?

I mean both “Saw the Light” and perhaps saw “the dark side”. I saw a show on Oprah a few years ago and there were people who said that they met with demons, b/c they had lived their life selfishly and when they came back they totally changed their life and attitude. Oprah said that she thougth that people meeting with the dark side happens alot more often than pple will admit. I think she’s right. This has nothing to do with “organized relegion”. I’m interested in all religious beliefs to no religious affiliation.
Please if you can, share your experience. I’m very interested, as I’ve always been interested in all religions and what is in store for us after life on earth.
Serious Answers only please.

My grandfather died then came back and told me about “the white light” he experienced. He told me it was beautiful and that his wife was there but he had to raise his grandchildren, (me and my siblings). I believed him only because of how pure and how hesitant he was to discuss it. (He only told my sister and myself). We have kept it between us ever since. That’s what gives me hope. And no fear!