Cohabitation Before Marriage Divorce

cohabitation before marriage divorce
What is the purpose of honeymoons?

Does the honeymoon ritual mean something different now that cohabitation and sexual relationships before marriage are increasingly common?

-Many people no longer wait until the wedding night to “consummate” the marriage.
-Cohabitation before marriage increases a couples probability of divorce.

This is my research question (preliminary) for a big project. I have some ideas I’m throwing around but I was hoping to get alternative points of view. Thoughts?

I think people still like the tradition of running off somewhere together to do what they want after saying their vows. You’ve done all the familial obligations, you’ve survived the BS that goes into planning the wedding, and now you want to actually spend time together without anyone telling you what needs to be done.

I think it’s romantic to get away. When you live at together even before getting married, you have so much to do to prepare. And the sex being “OK” now that you are officially married is probably somewhat of an aphrodisiac in itself.