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Rosemary’s Baby Movie Clone?

I just watched Rosemary’s Baby, and was astonished to realize that it is almost identical to another movie I previously watched. In the other movie, a young couple moves to a new apartment in the city, they hear about previous deaths in the apartment of babies, the old people turn out to be a sadistic cult that use baby blood to extend their lives indefinitely, which is why they were so friendly to her. I would guess that it was made in the early 90’s from my memory of it. Now what was this movie called??? It’s driving me crazy.

Some people here on Yahoo! Q & A think that the movies Unborn (1991) and Unborn II (1994) are SIMILAR to Rosemary’s Baby, especially the first one. But I don’t agree–both are too dissimilar. I’m just throwing this idea out there for you, though, since no one else has a better suggestion, at this time.
P.S.–Apparently, there are plans to remake Rosemary’s Baby and it will come out late next year. And…it will be titled “Unborn” (2009) starring Gary Oldman and Mena Suvari (?).