Christianity And Life After Death

Christian, if Heaven and Hell were not an issue, would Jesus still be worth patterning your life after?

Assume for the moment all go to Heaven, or all go to Hell, or there is nothing after death – the afterlife & eternity are totally irrelevant. Would you Christians still follow Jesus and live your life according to Biblical principles? Why? Does Jesus and Christianity make such a difference in your ordinary, everyday life that you would live according to His Way, regardless of the eternal outcome? If so, what is the difference Jesus makes?

Or, if all are going to heaven, would you just live as you please? If all go to heaven, would you live according to your own will or is Jesus’ way still the best way to live your life?

I really do believe that the way Jesus lived His life and taught us to live is the best way. It’s not always easy and I mess it up a lot, but it is my desire to be like Him. He loved the unlovable, spoke the truth in love, only became angry with righteous anger, and gave Himself up for all even though He didn’t deserve the punishment.

The difference it makes for me in living this way is I get to see people touched by the love of God. I think sin hurts people, even if it feels good at the time or seems OK at the time. The commandments are summed up well with just two commands: love God and love others.