Christian Marriage Divorce Rate

christian marriage divorce rate
Are Christian’s sad our divorce rate is close to general population? Require premarital counseling/training?

As Christians, we should oppose divorce, but in many churches the divorce rate is the same as the general population. Sometimes we try to deal with it after the fact by preaching against divorce. Should we also try to prevent it on the front end by requiring premarital counseling and training before a church pastor does a wedding? The church where I am a member requires it to some degree, but I am not sure it is enough. A church I was a member of when I lived in another city had a very extensive counseling and training program which required couples to meet a number of times with a minister for teachings on Biblical marriage and various tests etc. I know some young couples did not like it, but it did seem like no one I knew who got married there ended up divorced. Although some did break off engagements.

yes we should be very sad, these were vows made before God, promises! my husband had an affair and although i am broken hearted,
i am doing my best to stay together. If he doesn’t repent i will have to divorce him, as much as i would hate to. I thought he was saved all these many years.