Christian Life After Death

Christian teaching on life after death?

Is it different from the near-death experiences of Christians in the land or experimental bound spirits.

Doctrines of the Bible in terms of what happens when we die is very different from near-death experiences (NDE). Some basic examples are: ECM comment to see the tunnels, and white lights. The Bible speaks of great big rooms, before the thrones. ECM said that to see friends and family. The Bible says that you will be immediately with Christ, and to see friends and family afterwards. ECM describes walking around, ask questions and talk with the angels / God / the people. The Bible shows us that people come into the presence of God fall on their faces, and immediately worship God, for His glory. So yes, that is very different. John MacArthur devotes two chapters to this subject in his book "the glory of heaven:" If you are interested, you can pick it up. Hope that helps.