Christian Life After Death Experiences

When people experience out of body experience doesn’t it prove the Christian’s idelogy false?

Many people have experienced out of body experience and come back from the dead to confirm of life after death. Many of them are non-christians and never believed in christian teachings or Christ, yet they claim to experience heaven, love, mercy, etc. Its gone on to change their lives. Christians preach that all non believers will burn in a eternal hell, but their are many accounts from people who have died and came back to life who’s story contradicts the Christian’s views on what happens to non-believers. Will christian people accept that they’re beliefs are wrong? And how can they explain away out of body experience and stories of people experiencing heaven without believing in Christ?

what they say was an out of body expirience could be trama from pain halusanation of the brain shuting its self down or a cry for attention so it proves no such thing