Christian Beliefs On Life After Death

Marriage “Til Death do us part”?

I’m just looking for an origional reference to the “death do us part” phrase in marriage vows. Where did the phrase origionate or come from. Did some priest start saying that phrase a long time ago. This question has been on my mind for years.

The meaning of the phrase is that after our deaths, our marriage ends and we part ways. We become once again single. It is a old christian belief. Hence the phrase and vow. Marriage is temporary in this mortal life unless sanctioned by god for eternity.

it is from the original catholic wedding vows that has been adapted over the years. Basically, because the bible articulates that adultry is one of the deadly sins, the till death do us part means that they have promised themselves only to each other and no other person and that the marriage is to last until one of them ends in death. Divorce is not recognized or allowed by the Catholic Church.