Christian Belief In Life After Death

2 reasons why religious traditions believe in life after death? make it detailed pls!?

I dont believe in life after death…
So i was just wondering why certain religions believe in life after death- christian and jewish beliefs in particular. so yeah 2 very detailed reasons why please it’ll take alot to convince me!
Its not homework?!
Im serious?
i find the idea very stupid so id like to know why people actually think there is an “afer life” cos my friends were saying they want to be a dog or butterfly or a boy in the next life and i was like yeaah perlease. there is no bloody afetr life. you live,you die, end of. thats my opinion. Im an atheist you see…and them going on about it today got me thinking and i was just wondering what started all this after life hype?

Firstly Jesus died and rose after the Crucifixion, but i know this wont make you believe so i’ll jump on your wavelength to convince you..

Do you believe in the paranormal? and if so what do you believe it is,

have you ever had a paranormal experience as in seen something that seemed like a ghost or something that cannot be explained that frightened you?

if not then have you ever been scared to walk through a graveyard at night by yourself or would you ever stay in a known haunted house by yourself..

If any of the above has ever affected you in anyway then you believe in life after death, if they honestly haven’t then i would challenge you to do just one of the above and prove that it would not affect you..

One more thing, if you do ever see what we call a ghost then you may or may not have just seen a dearly departed because only through God can the departed reveal themselves to you..

If this so called ghost tries to put fear in you in any way shape or form then you may have just seen a messenger of evil which is a demon in disguise, if this ever happens to you then if you pray in the name of the lord Jesus Christ it will go away immediately so don’t worry..

So try it, go spend a night in a known haunted graveyard by yourself and tell me if you saw something scary, but if you think you’ll be scared i advise you not to do it.. Take it from me these things do exist, so take good care and God bless..