Chopra Life After Death

How is it that Dr Deepak Chopra was involved in many celebs lives?

I find it interesting that Dr Chopra was a close friend to Michael Jackson. He was also to have lunch with Heath Ledger, the next day after his death! It is really strange that Dr Chopra was involved with both of the deaths of Heath and Michael.

Many stars are left confused by the lives they live they dont’ know what is truth or lies anymore sometimes. Deepak Chopra is someone they feel they can trust and who is knowledgeable about things. YOu see Oprah doing it all the time too and Madonna. people are in search and have the need for it. its a hunger we all have inside. There are speakers out there that can promise this or that. Goes on an on. So some people find its healing and helpful to them. They feel more grounded they sometimes have a void in there lives or are in search of things within themselves. Or sometimes it helps them understand or cope with things. There are many reasons for people like Dr. Deepak Chopra