Causes Divorce Marriages

causes divorce marriages
Doesn’t the title “marriage and divorce” say it all?

The very TITLE of this section tells you what to expect……first marriage and then divorce.
To those considering marriage, remember two things;
1) The toughest year of marriage is the one you’re in.
2) The one thing that causes divorce is marriage.

I’d like some opinions on this and whether or not marriage is outdated in the modern world (no religious stuff please).

I like your Q:? and observation that speaks volumes Morto!

I however don’t think Marriage is out-dated, but, it also would be nice if Married Men and Women also posted positive messages about how they have sustained their marriages to give others hope and us all get “the other side of the coin”.

Yes,……I agree, the Divorce rate is so high, that Marriage in irtself is automatically synonymous with Divorce as a likely preclusive expectation of how any marriage may fare.