Buddhist Life After Death

In what aspects the Buddhist people reject the Islamic principles ?

Islam has five articles to believe that called ” Rukun Iman ”
1. Belief in God (Allah), the one and only one worthy of all worship .
2. Belief in all the Prophets (nabi) and Messengers (rusul) sent by God
3. Belief in the Angels (mala’ika).
4. Belief in the Books (kitab) sent by God
5. Belief in the Day of Judgment (qiyama) and in the Resurrection (life after death).

What about these articles according to Buddhist teachings ?
If you are not a Buddhist, you can give a comment to this article according to your perspective.

Buddhism and Islam share some similarities, but their differences are greater. Buddhist reject all of those 5 articles of faith because from Buddhism’s teaching they’re all based on forms of greed, hatred or delusion, which buddhists consider the cause of suffering. People who worship god as seen as seized by craving (clinging), agitated by longing (feeling).

1. Buddhists say any god who demands unquestioning worship should immediately ring alam bells because he’s not speaking like an enlightened being. There is a god in the suttas that says “I am the all-knowing, all-powerful, all-hearing etc. etc.” but when he’s questioned by the Buddha’s disciple that god is unable to answer some simple scientific questions, which means gods that say these things aren’t what they say they are. Muslims say the quran has scientific miracles but Buddhists say such miracles are no different from claims of miracles in other religions. Buddhists believe in many gods (devas). Buddhists believe devas are powerless and have human frailties like jealousy, anger, hatred, love, desire etc. etc.. Buddhsits believe there’s no creator god.

2. Buddha specifically said not to follow men who claim to speak on god’s behalf, essentially saying such men are living in delusion if they think they’re closer to god than any other; or conmen exploiting people’s gullibility. He points out how other men of other religions make the same claim and contradict themselves.

3. Devas are like angels so no real contradiction, but if angels are just worshipping something without question then they’re also living in delusion because their worshipping what doesn’t exist/isn’t worth worshipping. Buddhism teaches worshipping any deity is love based on false-view/ unhelpfullness.

4. Buddhists don’t believe in holy revelations. They see the dhamma as something that’s always been. Buddha’s teachings are seen as being like a number.. the number 5 has always existed, but somebody had to point it out.

5. No day of judgment or resurrection. Buddhists believe there’s no such thing as a soul. They believe in re-birth, which means your karma enters another body in hell, as a hungry ghost, as an animal, human, deva, or in nibbana. In nibbana, there’s no more re-birth.