Books On Life After Death

Tuesdays with Morrie “death ends a life, not a relationship.” HELP ON THIS QUOTE!?

I have a few questions relating to the book from the ” death ends a life, not a relationship quote.”

1.)What exactly does this quote mean, coming from the book?
(how does the story line relate to the quote?)

2.) Is this death a chasm or a bridge? <<<<< I don't understand this question or know the answer! Please Help! 3.) What persists or "lives" after death? If you could possibly answer these questions by using the #'s that would be wonderful!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I WILL REWARD THE BEST ANSWER!

1. Even though someone we know dies they will always be apart of our life.The physical part of the person is gone, but the memories and the emotional impact the person had on our life will remain with us.It is like when a person is wearing perfume, when they leave the room they are physically gone but the scent lingers behind.

2.I believe Morrie’s death was a bridge between life and death.Morrie was able to alow Mitch to understand that death was not to be feared, that life has many things to teach us even when we are dying.

3What persists or lives after death …the spirit of a person and our memories of them.