Book On Life After Death

Do you believe in life after death? Our loved one never really left us?

I never believed life after death. But after my boyfriend committed suicide four months ago, I would like to believe there is life after death.
Though I have never really seen the signs. I did dream about him twice, and those are vivid dreams almost like he was there with me. and I did receive phone calls with nobody on the other end. But then again, they are probably just wrong numbers. who knows.
I have read so many books regarding spirit and life after death. I want to believe so much that he is still with me, and someday I will see him again.
What is your belief? thank you

The Bible is very clear about life continuing after death. What most people don’t understand is that no one goes to heaven or hell before the day of judgment, and until that day, all are waiting in a resting place. The word for this in the Bible is ‘sheol’ found in the Old Testament, in the New Testaments the word is ‘hades’.

My belief is what the Bible says about this. And just FYI, be careful when people tell you that those who commit suicide go to hell, that is no where in the BIble.

Sorry to hear about your loss.