Birth Records Us

birth records us
Where to find birth records from late 1800s Galicia (Austria-Hungary not Spain)?

Is there some kind of free site where I can research this? Like search for specific names?

I was told a lot do it by village…but I don’t know that stuff. All I know are the names, birthdates, and I know their immigration to the US dates. I also know they spoke Polish so I am just going to assume they lived in the Polish parts.

So does anyone here happen to know any good sites on this? There is no way I can find out what village they were from.

I just really want to know my great grandparents birth locations and also their parents names and maiden names.

No one in the family knows and all those who did are now dead. 🙁

So I know names, birthdates, Polish-speaking, and also that they were Galician by nationality.

Thanks for any help.

The Mormons might have some

If not, you’ll have to Google for a couple of hours, and you still may not find anything.