Biggie Smalls Life After Death Album

Biggie Smalls dc what comes "ready to die" or "life after death?"

So these albums will recommend in order? Rund DMC-Greatest Hits hits nwa ice cubes, the death certificate of the public enemy-it takes a nation to millions We take reasonable doubt jay-z dr. DRE-on-chronic Rakim paid in full

the extraordinary, depending on what kind of music. I am newyorkcity, so of course I choose large and Jay, on the other, not only for geograpic location, but because the flow is so in tune with what felt more … the purchase of a life after death is better than ready to die because he has more songs and plenty of songs that you hear and probably not the market, I can not download. Despite the bumps are not so good, his flow is crazy in life after death. especially in the songs less known to disk two. if the other albums, the sicker because rakim the oldest of its even more true if you listen carefully to Dr. Jay and heard that they have learned much from the flow of Rakim. Rakim has laid the foundation for a good hip-hop. but the five Jay, Dre, Rakim and great men, both worth buying. Other? well, not not even waste your money now, because even if they were good when they left, if you listen to them now, they sound dated and you can tell her age and some Movin shii not as I mentioned above.