Biggie Life After Death

How the hell did Biggie end up outselling Tupac?

Im a fan of both, and have always owned both cds. Tupac has definately outsold Biggie worldwide and with all albums. But Biggies “Life After Death” album sold more than Tupac’s “All Eyez On Me” in the USA. How can this be!?
Keep in mind, Tupac’s All Eyez On Me is his best selling CD, plus that CD came out right when he got out of prison. His last cd while in prison was Me Against The World which was #1 in the charts, so how could this be!?? Biggie sold about 1 million more. Do you think its because it came out right after Biggies death? Or is there something else like better marketing or something? Whats your opinion?
P.S. I’ve lived in Miami, Philadelphia, and San Jose, CA. I’ve met lots of people and I’ve met alot more 2pac fans.

yea it has a lot 2 do with the Vibe that was being givin off due to the west n east war….i would also love to point out to all biggie fans that all eyez on me was finished within 2 weeks.