Bible On Marriage And Divorce

Taboo Question on Marriage, Divorce and Sex?

I think its safe that say that times have really changed; however, are times changing based on human/societal morals/preferences, in place of biblical standards?

For instance, the matter of divorce.

A bible states that only on the grounds of fornication can a marriage be dissolved in the eyes of God.

For marriage, there are many instances of unfaithfulness and unjust treatment to the other spouse. Whatever happened to applying bible principles to keep a marriage healthy?

As for sex …

The bible states that sex is only to be enjoyed between a man and a wife. Today, it seems like that rule can apply to just around anyone, and to fictional characters (porn stars).

Now, I suppose you can call me a traditionalist, a bible-thumper, what not, but do you feel that today, society has veered off from the course and standard set in the bible?

I’d be interested in hearing in all the responses.

I really don’t think people have changed. The Bible has some pretty juicy stories in it and cities were destroyed because of sin. The difference in today is we have the media that keeps us informed of the worlds events and what is happening.