Beauty Of The Beast

beauty of the beast
Whats a good audition song for the part of Lumiere (Beauty & the Beast)?

Im going for the role of Lumiere in a production in my area and im looking for character songs that show humour and fun but show some range. I can sing Lumiere’s songs, and any song really can be transposed.

If you’re looking for funny and a good range, I’d HIGHLY suggest the song Pirelli sings during the contest in Sweeny Todd or even the ballyhoo Tobias sings in praise of the charletain’s products. The first is called “The Contest”, part 1. The second is called “Pirelli’s Miracle Elixer” and either is a hoot. You can really do major character development with those and the range is quite challenging.

I’d also look at anything Jack sings in “Into the Woods”. He does have some funny lines there and a would be a good character to develop, but I really think Pirelli is much more interesting.