Beauty And The Beast The Story

beauty and the beast the story
Beauty & the Beast – orignal vs. Disney?

So I’m doing a presentation for my Children’s Literature class tomorrow and I need some help. Does anybody know any similarities & differences between the ORIGINAL story beauty & the beast and the Disney movie?

Belles father is rich in old version, poor in Disney version
In the original version Belles father found a food and a note in the castle saying to eat, he wasn’t greeted by the characters.
Belles father picks a rose from the Beast rose garden and that’s how he becomes a prisoner.
At every meal the Beast asks Belle to marry him
Eventually Belle becomes homesick and she set free to see her family.
Belle lives in the country
Belle’s father gets lost in the forest.
Belle’s father is still a prisoner at one time.
Belle takes his father’s place as prisoner.
Only Belles love for the Beast can break his spell.
The Beast lives in castle.
These are just a few hope this helps and good luck! on the project.