Beauty And The Beast Song

beauty and the beast song
what would be a good audition song for beauty and the beast?

it has to be disney because i dont want an ensemble part. my voice range is mainly soprano..

A dream is a wish your heart makes –Cinderella
So this is love–Cinderella
God help the outcasts-Hunchback of Notre Dame
lavender’s blue dilly dilly
part of your world–little mermaid
candle on the water–pete’s dragon
every story is a love story–aida
I know the truth–aida
a spoon full of sugar–mary poppins
feed the birds–mary poppins
let’s get together–parent trap
love is a song–bambi
baby mine-dumbo
the age of not beleiving–bedknobs and broomsticks
colors of the wind–Pocahontas
stay awake–mary poppins
once upon a dream–sleeping beauty
just around the riverbend-pocahontas
Femininity” (Summer Magic)
Oh, Sing Sweet Nightingale” (Cinderella)
“Steady As the Beating Drum” (Pocahontas)