Beauty And The Beast Coupon

Which City In MapleStory Has The Best HairStyles If I Use An EXP Coupon From “Beauty Or Beast”?

So, I want to change my hairstyle, but I don’t have any NX cash and I want to do the Beauty or Beast quest. My friends say that the hairstyle depends on what town you use it in?Is this true?If it is, which town offers the best random hairstyles?

You cannot use the coupon you get from the Beauty or Beast quest in any other town. It can only be redeemed by the NPC you got it from. Furthermore, I wouldn’t use that coupon. There’s a very, VERY slim chance you might get a good hairstyle and there’s a huge chance you’ll get an ugly hairstyle.

When you do get nx and buy an exp hairstyle card, I think NLC has the best choices, or at least less ugly choices.