Beauty And The Beast Characters

beauty and the beast characters
Does anyone know any good damsel in distress or Beauty and the Beast retellings I can read?

I know it’s cheesy, but sometimes I like to curl up with a good, old-fashioned romance novel. My absolute favorite of all time is this one called “Lair of the Lion” in which the herorine agrees to marry a man who appears to everyone else as a lion, in order to save her family.

It’s really dark and the setting is so spooky! There are a lot of interesting characters and the “beauty” character is belivable and far from perfect.

I’ve also read and enjoyed “Beastly” and “Beauty” by Robin McKinley.

Please tell me there are more books like that out there.

Beauty and the Beast is my favorite story.

My favorite retelling of it is called East and it’s by Edith Pattou. It’s unlike any story I’ve ever read in many ways and a very different retelling. It has the same plot and theme but in an entirely different setting and with much better events. It’s actually my favorite book of all.

Roses and Thorns by Chris Anne Wolfe is another popular one that I haven’t read yet.

Did you ever read Rose Daughter by the same author of Beauty, Robin McKinley?

Donna Jo Napoli also wrote a retelling of Rapunzel that you might find interesting, called Zel. Another favorite of mine.