Beauty And The Beast Book

beauty and the beast book
Beauty and the Beast Movies/Songs/Books?

Hey Guys,

Okay so basically I absolutely love the whole “beauty falls in love with the beast after overcoming some kind obstacle thing” archetype you know, and i’m absolutely dieing for ANY TYPE of movie, book OR song that could do with that.
And it doesn’t even have to be exactly the same for example if anyone’s read Valiant by Holly Black that would be a amazing example of a beauty and the beast scenario, or even like Stockholm Syndrome by Muse or Beauty and the Tragedy by Trading Yesterday are great examples of songs!

Please please please help me out!!

this is my favorite re-telling of the story:

It’s “Beauty” by Robin McKinley
I’m pretty sure she has at least one other book, where she re-did this one, and apparently it’s almost a completely different story. So most people read both of them.

Otherwise, this is just a little fun to read about is all:

That’s a description of the actual story, I’m sure you could find a more formal story if you actually looked for it, but the basic idea is a lot like Beauty and the Beast.