Beauty And The Beast 1987

beauty and the beast 1987
Does anyone out there know where I can watch Beauty and the Beast, all seasons, 1,2, & 3, for free?

Beauty and the Beast was a television show, which aired in 1987 through 1990, I think….we were reminiscing, and thought this would be fun to watch, but we can not find the second and third seasons anywhere!
the answer I have received are great, and thank you for them, BUT, not good enough, sorry…I need the second and third seasons, and can not find them from the answers I have received, please hepl with more detailed, or perfect answers!!!!….please and thank you…not trying to sound rude, but I have been to each one, and the seasons I need are not there!!!……thank you so much in advance!!!!

Youtube, metacafe, google (videos) would be a really good try…